Previewing the Madness: 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

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The Final Four will be held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on April 6 and 8. (Cedric L.)

There have been an unprecedented number of teams that have obtained the #1 poll ranking this Men’s 2012-2013 basketball season. They include Gonzaga, Duke, Indiana, Louisville, Michigan, and Kansas. There have also been notable risings, including Georgetown, who was at one time unranked and yet they went on to finish the regular season with the 5th ranking and received a 2-seed in the tourney. Finally, teams have fallen tremendously including Syracuse and Miami, but these teams are still a threat to make noise this postseason.

This year, as opposed to the years past, there is really no shoe in to excel or otherwise. Every team’s status has pretty much been up in the air this entire season and this year’s tournament will come down to the team that peaks at precisely the right time and can ride the wave to the finish.

With the brackets set, let’s look at the possible upsets in the beginning rounds and who we should be on the lookout for as a Cinderella team. The 12-5 match up has historically been one prone to an upset and I have #12 Oregon beating #5 Oklahoma State in the Midwest region. However, I have a Big East matchup in the Elite 8 for this region between Louisville and Cincinnati. The West Region will definitely be about momentum, but I think there will be a Big Ten rematch between Wisconsin and Ohio State with Wisconsin making the adjustments and redeeming themselves from the Big Ten title game. The East is wide open, but it looks like Miami could be that team that is peaking at the right time and may come out victorious. Finally, the South region looks cater-made for Georgetown, but Florida could have something to say about this in the sweet sixteen.

From the looks of things, this tournament will be an event to remember. So make sure you fill out your brackets, enjoy the games, and cheer the Hoyas to victory!

– Jasmine Motton, Sports Staff Writer

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