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A New Beginning (Reggie W.)

Have you ever thought that your lunch conversations in the diner should be on the record? Scratch that, probably not. But, the reality is that there are many meaningful conversations occurring in the deep pockets of Georgetown’s campus.

The Fire this Time originated out of a desire to bring these constructive conversations to the forefront. The newsmagazine is resurfacing and completely revitalized after circulation came to a halt only a few years after its initial founding in 2000. Its goal is to strengthen underrepresented communities by highlighting issues that matter to them and providing a space for all students to share their opinions, despite any deviation from mainstream discourse at Georgetown.

While the buzz of the magazine hasn’t out-shined the Harlem Shake, it is something that many students around campus are very much looking forward to. Co-Vice President of the Black Student Alliance, Erika Nedwell, commented, “I’m really excited for this. If you turn the pages of the Hoya, many minority voices are not represented. It’s fundamental to a university like this to have a chance to share our voices. I’m looking forward to an opportunity to contribute as well.”

People sometimes say that there are many different Georgetowns. The Fire this Time is excited to celebrate difference on campus, embrace tension, and hopefully strengthen the community. Many students will be able to identify with this mission. It’s quite possible that the Fire will transform diner conversations into food for thought.

-Danielle Bembry, News Editor

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