Welcome to The Fire This Time!

I mean, if Alicia Keys says it, then it must be so... (Claytia G.)

I mean, if Alicia Keys says it, then it must be so… (Claytia G.)

“Drumroll please!”

It brings me great pleasure to announce the re-launch of The Fire This Time! It’s been an extremely long and winding road to reach this point, and I can say without a doubt that I now know the answer to the question: “How hard could it possibly be to start a blog?”

Months of late night meetings and uncountable text messages and emails, as well as early morning treks to the CSP have pretty much been the norm since early October when we decided to try to make this project a reality. It would be great to take all the credit for The Fire, but there are several passionate Hoyas before us who committed themselves to promoting unity within the Georgetown community and ensuring that all voices were heard and given equal weight.

To the founder of the publication, Carrie Solages (SFS’01), Yamiche Alcindor (C’09) a former editor who succeeded in placing The Fire under the Media Board; and Alex Bledsoe (SFS’12), a former Managing and Co-Editor who directly inspired myself and Claytia Gonsalves (General Manager and Graphics & Photography Editor) to start this process and gave us so much advice and reinforcement along the way, we extend our thanks. We would also like to thank Ryan Wilson (C’12) for encouraging us to take up this task. Who would have thought that a casual conversation during Homecoming weekend would result in the revival of such an amazing initiative? In addition, special thanks go to Professor Dennis Williams in the CMEA for helping us to fine-tune our grandiose ideas, bringing us down to earth by pointing out all the holes in our plans and offering valuable advice. We would also like to thank Erika Cohen Derr and the Media Board for taking us seriously and giving us a chance to establish ourselves as an official organization on Georgetown’s campus. Last but not the least, a huge thank you goes to all the staff members whose hard work is manifest on this website, and all the friends and classmates who tolerated the incessant Facebook posts about our launch, attended info sessions and offered suggestions and words of encouragement.

This week, you can look forward to a large variety of pieces including an ode to our beloved Lau, a review of Beyoncé’s new single (hate her or love her, you can’t ignore her influence) and re-caps of some really intriguing events that are taking place on campus. Look out for some cool surprises and interesting ways to interact with The Fire. We aren’t standing on a soapbox here; we need to hear from YOU! The Fire is just getting started, and I sincerely hope that you will continue to offer your support and opinions in order for us to become even better. Happy reading!

-Zoe Gadegbeku, Editor-in-Chief


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