Untamed Voices

Am I/I Am

who i amSo I can read my own

What am I?

Am I the light?

Am I the darkness?

Am I hope?

Am I doom?

Am I beauty?

Am I avarice?

Am I the sun that warms the earth?

Am I the cold that envelopes everything else?

Am I the fire that burns within?

Or the chill that always wins?

Am I the epitome of evil, the black in man’s soul?

Am I a systematic misinterpretation of all things straightforward?

So I can read my own

What I am

I am a person

I am Inquiry

I am Love

I am an Answer

I am beauty

I am the Earth that warms life

I am the fire that burns within

But also the chill that never wins

I am the principal liquid, the red- flowing in man’s soul

I am the systematic reinterpretation of all things thought straightforward

Sometimes I wish I could read minds

So that I can read my own

To each his own.

-Shaquille James, Untamed Voices Staff Writer


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