Hoyas lose to 15-seed Florida Gulf Coast University, 78-68

hoyas fgcuEvery year there are upsets and it is just a part of the madness that resides in March. The 12-5 matchup lived up to its expectation with 3 of the 4 games ending in favor of the 12 seed. I don’t know what it is about this matchup, but I think I declare 12 my lucky number! Another notable game was the 14-3 contest between New Mexico and Harvard. Obviously, not many seriously chose Harvard to win, not even President Obama, who attended the home of the Crimson for law school. Nevertheless, upsets happen and perhaps the one that stung the most was the Georgetown vs. Florida Gulf Coast University.

The game started out basically neck and neck and it remained this way for the entire first half, but after 17:28 remained in the game, the tide changed. From this point onwards, Georgetown did not score from the field for over 5 minutes. This really hurt the Hoyas and made it difficult for them to find a flow for the rest of the game. However, it was not for lack of effort. Traditionally, assists and rebounds can tell the story of any basketball game, but this game was a unique case. Georgetown tied FGCU with 15 assists and outrebounded them 38-36. They also had more steals, blocks, and turnovers were almost identical. The straw that broke the camel’s back was field goal percentage and free throw attempts. The Hoyas had 15 more shot attempts, 24 less free throw attempts, and a dismal percentage from all over the floor.

All in all, this can be chalked up as a perfect storm for the Eagles of Florida Gulf Coast. Unfortunately, it had to come at the expense of my Hoyas, but credit must go where credit is due and Brown and Thompson from FGCU had phenomenal games scoring 24 and 23 respectively. In FGCU’s relatively short history as a school, Division I status, and NCAA tourney eligible, they have done their school and community proud and they ought to be congratulated.

The Hoyas have treated us to a great season and the hard work and support of the coaches, players, and fans have been something to remember. This last year of the Big East as we know it has had Georgetown prints all over it and it is something to be proud of.  There is no doubt that the season ended prematurely for the Hoyas, but hopefully this season will be the birth of something special with the potential of everyone returning, as this squad had no seniors. Great season Hoyas and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

-Jasmine Motton, Sports Staff Writer

Image Source: (Zoe G.)


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