Untamed Voices

The Sophomore Slump (It’s Real)


“Go to college they said, it’ll be fun they said.”

The Freshman 15, the Sophomore Slump, Senioritis… All these things people talk about are true!

No one told me, however, that the sophomore slump came along with an all-inclusive-package-deal of family problems, health issues, and insecurities. That not only do you lose motivation and vision, but everything else trickles down too.

Everyone talks about it, but some experience it more than others.

Late at night is when I get most of my writing done.; my personal writings and my school writings too. It’s when the clock strikes twelve when you wish you were in bed rather than starting a heading for the paper that’s due in T-2 hours. It’s the time when applications for leadership positions are due and reminders have been flooding your e-mail for the past two weeks.

The sophomore slump is this feeling of discontent with your college experience. You lose all sense and motivation. You forget why you are here in the first place and why you didn’t just go to a one year technical school and work at MGH.

I want to say, “then you remember why…” but you can’t. I can’t. Maybe because I’m still a sophomore. How long is this suppose to last? How do I treat this?

I just hope a “Junior Justification” clears the fogged up answer.

-Viviana Jaramillo, Untamed Voices Staff Writer

-http://www.luvimages.com/image/go_to_college_they_said_itll_be_fun_they_said-5338.html (Kimberly P.)


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