Untamed Voices

All That I Am is Unbreakable


Someone once told me:

If I worked from a place of passion,
Believed in myself,
Stood by my morals,
And dared to dream
I would be capable of anything.

The Power of bloody knuckles
Bruised from overuse—
Clawing their way through adversary
And scraping at the loins of subjugation
Would be enough
To forge an immovable opinion
Seated on the backs of Justice,

My shortcomings would facilitate character.
My success would adhere respect.

Every failure (as potent as the last),
Every frigid tear shed,
Each step into the depths of vulnerability,
Each grasp at the impossible—
They would converge at a place of understanding;
With that, I could do anything.

So, when someone filled with spite
Or hatred
Or the bitterness of their disappointments past
Condemns my Optimism
Disregarding the blaze of determination embroidered
On my breast
I hear the voices of grass whispering in the wind
I listen to the heartbeat of the soil beneath my feet
Thumping loudly, chanting the same words
Engraved in the perfectly collagen filled
Lips of my ancestors

When someone takes a hammer to my stronghold
I do as they would have done.

By the spirit of tenacity
I do as I have been raised to do.

I rise.

-Jazmin Harling-Gray, Untamed Voices Staff Writer

Image Source: http://www.yourinspirationweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/unbreakable.gif (Claytia G.)


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