Untamed Voices

The Feeling of Not Belonging

I go from here to there

Leave a few friends there and another few here

I hoped you’d stick through with me

Regardless of me being here or there


But you were the first one to give up

You said you couldn’t deal with not belonging

You didn’t understand the sacrifice

It wasn’t worth it

It was easier to look for love elsewhere

And just replace it

That I’ll stay there

But you still remain hopeful

That I’ll belong there

With you

It never crossed your mind what I felt

That everytime I go there I wish I was here

That when I’m here I wish I was there

That the more I’m here the less I belong there

And the more I go there the less I want to belong anywhere

-Viviana Jaramillo, Untamed Voices Staff Writer

Image Source: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_2KmL1O4RHKU/TRW1C8bmLSI/AAAAAAAAAAQ/Bt0bKX-67os/s1600/alone1.jpg (Claytia G.)


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