Chris Brown – Fine China [Video Review]

Chris Brown channels his love for Michael Jackson in his music video for the first single off his newest album, X, ‘Fine China,’ Brown’s latest effort sounds a lot like a classic MJ song as it starts with a strong drum beat, electric guitar, and Brown singing smooth vocals. The song greatly resembles MJ’s song, ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ especially when Brown let’s out a great, “Ow!” at the start of the song, in classic MJ fashion.

Though the song may vocally resemble ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, the music video for the song, which Brown directed himself, reflects themes found in MJ’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘Beat It’ videos, but with a more futuristic feel, similar to those found in some of Brown’s other videos, such as ‘Turn Up the Music.

Through what seems to be an attempt to get rid of his “bad boy” image after his assault on Rihanna, this single is all about Brown showing the world he knows how to treat a lady right. This is evident by the lyrics in the chorus:

It’s alright

I’m not dangerous

When you’re mine

I’ll be generous

Brown then continues describing the girl as “irreplaceable” and “a collectible” just like ‘Fine China.’ Brown does great in representing this concept in the video, as he acts as Romeo to the daughter of the leader of the Chinese crime organization, the Triad. By using an Asian woman as his leading lady, Brown not only represents his ‘Fine China’ idea figuratively, but also literally.

The video, similar to those of MJ, resembles a movie as it starts with Brown’s love interest, Elaine, being told she can’t be with Brown because he’s “an outsider, a thug.” Despite, the leading lady’s lack of acting skill, Brown plays his role perfectly, showing up to her house, the perfect (somewhat nerdy) gentleman, wearing a flat cap and a bow tie, rescuing her from her father’s controlling household. Brown then takes her out for a night on the town in his Red Lamborghini, ending at a private, futuristic club.

In the video Brown makes sure to show off his impressive dance moves, breaking out into multiple dance numbers with just himself and his boys, paying tribute to MJ as he hip thrusts, kicks out his leg, and does some fancy footwork in classic MJ fashion.

Continuing the storyline, members of the Triad enter the scene and engage Brown and his crew in a fight that looks more like a dance than an actual battle. As can be expected, Brown does a ton of breakdancing moves, successfully beating the Triad members.

The video then comes to an end as Brown and his love interest leave the club and are immediately confronted by the girl’s father and many other members of the Triad, who have come to retrieve the girl. Though Brown attempts to protect her, acting as her knight in shining armor, the girl goes back to father. Consequently, the Triad aims their futuristic guns at Brown. Though it seems as if this is the end for Brown, his crew then quickly arrives, coming out of the club, guns blazing and giving Brown much needed backup. Then, the video ends. 

Though there was no “To be continued” at the end of the video, we can only hope that Brown won’t leave us hanging, wondering what happens next and that his next video will give us an epic conclusion to match the creative and artistic storyline that was produced in this one.

-Zakiya Jamal, Leisure/Music Staff Writer


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