Untamed Voices

Hoyahood: for better or worse

feeling_left_out_bigDoubts. We all have them. For various reasons and on a multitude of topics, doubts permeate our mind. We tend to allow it to fester and build – affect our lives and self-esteem. Many even allow it to change history.

As a freshman minority here at Georgetown, this is a problem I’ve seen in many of the students. The concept of merit and “belonging here” causes many a brilliant mind to doubt their own luminous qualities. This doubt runs deep – even through race, economic class, and nationality. Students, for one reason or another, may doubt whether or not they possessed the merit to earn acceptance into this great university and, as such, there is the belief that one could be a “mistake,” for lack of a better term.

This belief is especially strong among minorities due to the supposed affirmative action system. I personally had to struggle for the longest time with the idea that I might not belong here – that perhaps I really was accepted because of my race and, in accepting my invitation, robbed another, more qualified student of a quality education.

It took some time and effort to realize that it is not that simple and that admissions is not that black and white. There are so many more factors to consider when reviewing applications. SAT scores, AP exams, and GPA don’t tell the entire story. This is certainly a concept that admissions understands – probably more so than any of us.

For whatever doubts you may have and whatever background from which you come, remember this: regardless of however you or those around you perceive your merit, you are here, and “We are all Georgetown”. Seriously, how many schools would print T – Shirts like? What school would print such shirts unless they truly wanted everyone and anyone to know it? For reasons you may never know, admissions saw something in you that made you stand out amongst thousands of other applicants. For some of us, myself included, Georgetown even offered to pay tens of thousands of dollars to have us here.

No one belongs here more than you

Whatever the reason for your acceptance, your mission here should not be to wonder if admissions was wrong but rather to prove that admissions was right; to prove that regardless of doubt, regardless of merit, regardless of economic status and regardless of race, “We are all Georgetown”. All of us. Admission put their trust into you – be the one to prove them right.

-Shaquille James, Untamed Voice Staff Writer

Image Source:

http://shirahvollmermd.wordpress.com/category/belonging/  (Kimberly P.)

http://widowsvoice-sslf.blogspot.com/2012_10_01_archive.html (Kimberly P.)


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