PREVIEW: The Young and the Restless 3

In an effort to support ambitious young adults pursuing careers in professions that are “outside of the norm,” theINcrowd will be hosting the third annual “The Young and the Restless” showcase this Friday.yrIII

TheINcrowd, founded and directed by fellow Georgetown student, Seun “Shay” Oyewole, began as a high school blog but now acts as a creative coordination consultancy group, commenting on music, fashion, and lifestyle, as well as hosting concerts, food eating competitions, and meet and greets.

“The entire premise of the showcase is to connect the two differing demographics within the college population by bringing a third perspective,” said Oyewole, a junior in the School of Foreign Service. “Dedicating oneself to the arts is a business just like everything else, and it is difficult for a college student to understand the immense amount of work that goes behind launching a musical career and that’s the very essence of ‘The Young and the Restless.’”

The showcase will exhibit live art curated by the Georgetown University Art Aficionados and four local high school seniors will be offered scholarships for their dedication to their creative passions and academics. However, the main focus of the show will be the three musical performances by Two-9, Phony Ppl, and Grande Marshall.

Two-9, a raw-edged group of musicians, hails from Atlanta, Georgia and brings a refined sense of music to the hip-hop front. The four-member group influenced by their love for regional rap styles, like Bay Area hyphy and Atlanta crunk, have created a unique style that they aim to project to the nation. Collaborating with artists such as Meek Mill, Fly Union, Lil B, Kreayshawn, and ASAP Rocky, this collective is mobilizing through various underground websites who have stumbled across their immense potential.

Not to be outdone, Phony Ppl brings a new dimension to the urban music scene with their soulful sound.  Coming out of Brooklyn, New York, this nine-member group plays music that may sound like a throwback with their slight key changes and deep chord progressions. Though this group is sizable they have mastered the skill of creating one sound, blending together perfectly to create what they themselves refer to as “the Brooklyn soul.”

The only solo act of the night, Grande Marshall holds his own as he combines the harshness of his Philly roots with outside influences to create his own sound. Rather than sticking to what’s expected of rappers his age Marshall isn’t afraid to test his limits, mixing different sounds and trying new things. Recently, Marshall has announced his affiliation with Fools Gold Records, headed by A-Track and Nick Catchdubs, and released his newest mixtape, Mugga Man, which can be heard on his SoundCloud account.

-Zakiya N. Jamal, Leisure/Music Staff Writer


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