Images of Diaspora 2013

The irony of the title hit me first. Diaspora. As college-educated students, we have learned at least one thing, that diaspora is the dispersion of a people and/or culture. Yet Diaspora during Hoya Saxa Weekend at Georgetown held a different connotation. Diaspora here represented community and the coming together of performances from students who embody divergent cultures from various parts of the world.

Diaspora 2013 was an enchanting showcase which sought to highlight the diversity of culture that we have here at Georgetown. For example, how many of you knew that we had an Irish dance team? I must confess that I did not know that they existed before this past Friday night. These little gems of culture are what should be inscribed in every program or announcement that seeks to broadcast the quality of Georgetown. The cultural showcase, combined with the Commitment to Diversity Awards, demonstrated the sole purpose of Diaspora, which was to applaud the efforts of Georgetown students, faculty, and staff for creating a more cosmopolitan Georgetown. These subcultures at Georgetown do not receive nearly enough recognition. We’ll let the images speak for themselves. For those who missed it, here’s a recap of  Diaspora 2013:

-Claytia Gonsalves, General Manager/Graphics and Photography Editor

Photo Credit: Troy Williams

Featured Image Source:


Excited student, Sakeenah Shabazz, makes her way into Lohrfink Auditorium.


Student of Color Alliance (SOCA) Co-Chairs, Aya Waller-Bey and Bao Nguyen warm up the crowd.


GU Juwani is the first group to perform. Their energy and smiles are electrifying to watch.


Poet, Ijeoma Egekeze, brings the Truth in her spoken word piece.


Dale Andrew Batoon, the recipient of the Commitment to Diversity Award in The Arts.


Flip Dis Funk Dat (FDFD) warns us that the fusion they’re about to bring is about to be dangerous, see caution tape.


The Irish Club reminds us what fancy footwork looks like.


Patrick Zhang and Maryanne Zhao present the Commitment to Diversity Award for Outstanding Administrator.


Resonant Essence Live (REL) tug on our heartstrings, A Capella.


Balle Folklorico Mexicano de Georgetown (BFMG) demonstrate traditional Mexican dances.


The Asian-American Student Association (AASA) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) receive the award for Outstanding Program due to their collaborative efforts on a discussion on Affirmative Action.


A Capella group The Capitol G’s sing from deep down in their soul.


Ritmo y Sabor brings all of their spice to the stage.


Lydia Brown recites a spoken word piece.


Groove Theory closes out the night with a bang and some attitude.


Special recognition goes out to the host of the evening, David Edgar, who did a phenomenal job in setting the atmosphere for what proved to be an unforgettable night!


One thought on “Images of Diaspora 2013

  1. I love seeing these pictures of such a great event. Congratulations to all of the performers, organizers, and staff who contributed extra time to make this night a success! As the co-chair of Diaspora last year, I can honestly say that Diaspora is the one of the most fun and critical events of Hoya Saxa Weekend. I laud the co-chairs this year and the HSW committee for a job well done! The beautiful pictures only prove you guys did a great job!!!

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