From the Fashion Desk

Dear Reader,

My name is Jonathan Dromgoole AKA the Fashion Editor for the 2013-2014 year. I am a native of Guadalajara, Mexico who now resides in Austin, Texas. My right-hand woman is Yerlyn Rojas. She is a sophomore in the college originally from the Dominican Republic originally, now residing in New York City. While I am a sophomore in the SFS, with an incredibly complex-sounding major, I have always been interested in the world of fashion. This section is completely new to The Fire and I would like to take a moment to introduce it to you.

The Fire is a multicultural magazine and I hope to convey our aim to represent the multi-faceted nature of our community through these sections. There are so many unique styles that at times may get lost at Georgetown. With “Hoyas en Vogue”, you can see the trends and styles of Georgetown students with two segments; Motivational Mondays and Fashion Fridays to get you pumped for the week and weekend. Then, take a look at “Burberry me for Less” where you can create your own fashion as well as recreate those sought-after looks on a budget. Men’s fashion is just as important, so for those guys looking to add more style to their clothing or learn a thing or two, there’s the “Gentlemen’s Code”. Finally from the runways to the halls of Healy, check out “A la Moda” for fashion and lifestyle trends.

Fashion Welcome

Fashion is a crucial part of our everyday life not to mention our Georgetown experience. From the moment you wake up your mind races to pick out what you are going to wear for the day. Yes, even YOU who claims not to care or know about fashion actually puts some thought into what you are going to wear. Yet, fashion is so much more than that.

We showcase ourselves and culture to the world through the clothing we select. From the casual “Georgetown” hoodie that becomes our go-to piece during those chilly days, to the beautiful prints from Nigeria that adorn those spring time dresses and everything in between. Whether you are into name brand clothing or vintage finds, you showcase your personality through your outfits. While I hope that you take some fashion tips from this section of The Fire at least understand this; clothes do not define you who you are. It’s important to breakdown the stereotypes associated with style and dress that subsequently lead to classifying an individual. The confidence with which you carry yourself is what defines you.

Confidence is the new black,

Jonathan Dromgoole

Fashion Editor, The Fire This Time

Image Source: (Zoe G.)


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