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Launch of “Word on the Street” Section


Word on the Street is that there is a new section of The Fire This Time called “Word on the Street“. Word on the Street is that it’s going to be poppington,

…so I’ve heard.

According to Urban Dictionary, a resource website that clarifies the semantics of urban vernacular, Word on the Street signifies “a rumor going around; what everyone is saying”.* The Fire’s Word on the Street section will bring to the surface any negative stereotypes and ideas that we, as Georgetown students, have succumbed to believing during our time spent at this higher level institution.


A part of The Fire’s mission is to amplify inter-cultural awareness in order to decrease the ignorance of cultures other than the one with which we each, personally identify.

So here’s the idea: Once a week we’ll pitch a Word on the Street “blast” in the form of a question, topic, or phrase that is intentionally controversial and highly ignorant. Then we will provide a profound and well thought out response to the Word on the Street blast that is posted. Ultimately, the goal is to debunk these negative stereotypes and ideas without hurting too many feelings in the process. #haaaaaaannnnn

Have some ideas of your own?!

If there are certain stereotypes or ideas that you want The Fire to include in future Word on the Street blasts, comment below with your suggestion, or shoot us an email @

"Yo, Word on the Street is that you gave him his walking papers and, uhh..."
Comment below if you recognize the musical reference!

-Claytia Gonsalves, General Manager


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