Nothing Was the Same- Album Review

Over the past few years, Drake has been deemed one of the best (if not the) best new artists to enter the rap scene.  The lyrically talented rapper has set thdrake-unleashes-nothing-was-the-same-album-covere record for the most #1 hit singles in the history of Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart, has received 13 Grammy nominations and won a Grammy for his album Take Care, and has sold over 5 million albums worldwide in just a matter of 4 years.  However, while many criticize Drake’s music for being too “sensitive” in an arena that is branded by excessive ruggedness, his third album Nothing Was The Same may change the way hip-hop fans perceive the musician.

On Tuesday, September 24, Drake’s new album Nothing Was The Same hit stores.  The album is a glance at Drake’s personal experiences in life including family issues, failed relationships, and his rise to stardom.  While this is not a new focus for the artist’s music, Nothing Was The Same is far different than his last two albums.  Nothing Was The Same finds Drake trying to vocalize his passions in a different voice, while still touching on the same subjects.

The album’s production is highly detailed, creative and meticulous.  Album producer, Noah “40” Shebib, aided Drake in creating a record with songs where every sound perfectly compliments the lyrics with their keys and tones. I would not be surprised if you came out a track thinking that you have transitioned over to another song on the tracklist, while in actuality still listening the same song. For example, on the track, ‘Tuscon Leather’, “40” takes R&B legend Whitney Houston’s song ‘I Have Nothing’ and samples it in three different ways giving each verse to Drake’s song a different flavor and vibe.

Although many of his songs have hit the internet way before the album’s release date, a standout single from before the album is, “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”  The song has taken airways by storm and is a simple song that depicts a man’s focus on a woman who has captured his attention, and despite her flaws, believes that she is the one for him with just a bridge and a hook.

In my opinion, the album will not receive the same acclaim as Take Care, but Nothing Was The Same is debatably Drake’s best work yet.  Although it has a different feel to it and may not have as many metaphors and double entendres as his previous albums, the album is nothing short of greatness. Point being, it’s real. This is Drake unfiltered, he tells the story of how he’s progressed and bettered his craft over time, overcome various struggles in life, and just speaks on the real life things that he deals with that many of his listeners can relate to…a goal that I think he accomplished with this album.

 Lamar Holmes, Leisure/Music Staff Writer 

Image Source:

http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00063395.html (Zoe G.)


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