Untamed Voices

Our Barren Hearts No More


Every Heart is a Blessed vessel

Possessing of a chamber to Decide

It is within the Heart’s inner places

That Precious Dreams reside

Dreams are not Given

For a Moment

Or to be halted by Life’s struggles

But they are made to

Endure for a Lifetime

They are Born to be Fulfilled

I feel my Heart at present

It beats within my chest

O how it pulsates without rest

Never needing my consent

But if Dreams reside in the Heart

Why do they sometimes cease to beat

For what is the Heart

But a Safe-keeper

Of who we wish to be

What we wish to Become

And all we wish to See

Now may our Dreams Learn

From our Hearts

And never fail to see

The Gravity of going Forth

The Potential that lies in me

For if we Choose to do so now

And let our Dreams

Walk through Life’s door

Then we will become our True selves

And have barren hearts no more

Christopher Wadibia, Guest Submission


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