Untamed Voices


RiseUpTo be true to who I am,

And to the man I should be,

I have put up a good fight,

To preserve the person called me.

You see, I have always known wrong from right,

And the difference between enslaved and free,

But sometimes I’ve fallen, like a storm-torn kite,

Tripped-up, bloodied, and left with my mistakes to bleed.

But always in the end, I’ve seen a bright light,

Pure and clean, forgiving to the traitor I be,

Pulling me up with arms of mercy and might,

Whispering these stoic words to me:

“Remember, to get up is the key.”

-James Gadea, Untamed Voices

Image source: http://www.brandconstructors.com/rise-of-the-marketer/ (Jazmin H.)


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