Untamed Voices

Tell Me


If I were invisible.

You know,

the kind of invisible that’s right in front of you,

that you can see but you choose to ignore.


your golden retriever says hello before you do.

…If you do.

I notice each way you try not to make eye contact,

recognizing that if our eyes met,

you would have to painfully remind yourself of my existence.

Tell me,

why are you bothered by my existence?

Do I remind you that the world is not whitewashed?

Tell me.

Would you prefer a world in grayscale?

Filtering out people of color until the world is in grayscale.

Tell me.

What will it take for you to see me?

New contacts?

A better prescription?

Let me help you help yourself.

Go to the Student Health Center.

Ask for the best eye exam money can buy.

Buy it.

And when the doctor tells you

there is nothing wrong with your eyes,

close them

and show her how blind

you can truly be.

-Claytia Gonsalves, Untamed Voices Staff Writer

Image Source: http://italiansdoitbetternow.blogspot.com/2011/07/b.html 


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