Untamed Voices

Assumptions on a Snake Bitch White Girl


after Angel Nafis and Jon Sands’ “Black Girl White Boy” & Terrance Hayes’ “The Blue Seuss”

White girl, daddy’s a doctor.
Knows hunger like juice cleanse,
and Yom Kippur.
White girls can’t go to the bathroom by themselves,
are spineless,
blend together like

college girls:
Ugg boots, Starbucks, yoga pants.
White girls date white boys;
wield mace in Bedstuy, Anacostia,
anywhere the shadows are dark.

White girls ask to get
their curves burst from underwire like spring does with the cherry trees.
White girls shop at Victoria’s Secret,
gave up the accordion because, of pinched breasts.
White girls need protection.

White girl Hip Hop
ladies is pimps too, so go and brush ya shoulders off.
white girl appropriation
mimic minstrels, spray tans.
white girl—Black music.
Elvis Presley.
White girl is politically correct, in a post racial world.
Her president was Black.
his name was Bill.

White girl checks caucasian on the ACT,
gets sunburned,
and peels.

White girls wear boat shoes.
White girl, never been on a boat.
White girl fake:
tan, thin, dumb, weak,
hair from a bottle;

White girls, Stepford Wives,
minivan, four kids, bake sale.
Proud of their heritage of suicides.
Anne Sexton.
Sylvia Plath.
Virginia Woolf.
White girls, marry bank accounts.
Goldman Sachs, ING, off shore accounts.

White girl Feminist,
White girl Lesbian.
Never find a husband,
with her ideas on gender equity.
White girl disappoints white parents.
no trust fund

white girl doesn’t qualify for financial aid.
Ramen noodles, used textbooks.
White girl is pro affirmative action.
White girls live in the Suburbs,
support Phyllis Schlafly, bombing Syria
—and white’s only bathrooms.

White girls force Democracy
like pre-natal vitamins.
White girls manifest destiny,
organize blood drives, knit socks for the soldiers;
republican Mothers.

White girls cake on makeup,
trying against the glare to look 21 and confident;
older sister’s ID.
White girls teeter like clowns
on stilts.
A tempestuous serpent with the bouncers.

White girl is a good driver, nothing, shocks her:
Sally is 14
pregnant for the third time,
Dave cheats on Karen
with little Sally from down the block.
White girls gossip.
Church, Supermarket, Car pool.
whispers whittle character,
words pilfer reputations;
sting like open palmed slaps.
White girls are a fairytale.

The rumors pass on
the rumors pass on
are planted
till they become a spine.

-Emma Hamstra, Guest Submission

image source: http://blog.referralcandy.com/2013/07/08/starbucks-white-girls/


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