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Editor’s Picks: Gentlemen’s Fall Fashion Trends

Gloomy days aren’t necessarily inspirational. Umbrella- check, shoes I don’t mind destroying in the rain-check, windbreaker- check, and the last thing guys care about on days like this is what they are actually wearing. Let me let all you guys in on a secret; you know you care about fashion. Admit it, you put some sort of effort into the way you dress if it’s either to look good for someone special, or just to feel comfortable during those long classes. Fall is upon us, in fact it has been here for some quite time. Here are some editor picks for gentlemen’s fall fashion trends, the must haves, the “you do you” fashion, and the adventurous/ridiculous.

The must haves.
Gray on gray

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Gray is one of the three colors that were trending in designer collections for men’s fall-winter 2013/2014. This color was evident mainly on suits, but who says it can be translated to other pieces? The trick is to make sure that the grays are exactly the same shade. The gray blazer needs to match the gray dress pants, otherwise you are going to find yourself in trouble.

Statement Scarves

Louis Vuitton Scarf

Louis Vuitton Scarf

Now if you know me, you know that I have an obsession with scarfs. This season, find the largest scarf you have and use it. Bold prints, solid colors, a mix, it doesn’t matter scarfs are the big thing this season and the bigger the better. Make sure that it is a winter scarf though. We all know the wind level in DC can escalate quickly, you don’t want to find yourself chasing after you scarf on the way to class.


Claret as seen in Varvatos, Prada, Diesel, Canali, and Richard James

Claret as seen in Varvatos, Prada, Diesel, Canali, and Richard James

No, it’s not the name of your fall love interest, it’s a color. It’s closer to a burgundy/maroon, but we all know that if the fashion industry can coin something they are going to capitalize on it. Don’t worry about walking into Bloomingdales or Gucci and asking for a Claret T-shirt, instead walk into H&M, or wherever you shop, and look for a burgundy or maroon shirt. You will still be trendy, and your wallet will thank you for it.

Big Squares

Now this is a trend that you can mix match with others because its so simple.You can take this inspiration and buy a claret colored coat with big squares on it. The easiest way for you to probably take advantage of this is to combine it with the statement scarf. Find a scarf that has squares throughout it and you can kill to birds with one stone. Who says being on trend has to be hard or expensive?

Hiking Boots

Dr. Martens boots

Dr. Martens boots

This is a simple way to replace those shoes you abuse during the rain or snow. Simply buy a pair of hiking or combat boots. A tip here would be to buy them in a color that can carry over to the spring. Don’t go for the bright tan/yellow; instead buy them in black or dark brown. While this might be more expensive than let’s say, using your tennis shoes to go puddle jumping think about it as an investment. Once you buy a good pair you won’t need another pair of boots for years.



Canali Coat

Canali Coat

These two come in a package. Pick up any mens style magazine and you will notice the use of fur in coats. This trend is reoccurring mainly because fur can keep you warm during the winter and again its an investment that every man should make. One good coat either lined in sheep fur, or with a little fur around the neck can keep you warm during those chilly days, and if you buy it in a neutral color (black, tan, gray) you will only need one. For those of you who are against fur, faux fur is totally an option here. Not only are you not killing the animal, but your bank account will remain alive as well.


Zara sweater

Zara sweater

This last must have is not in the “you do you” section because of the popularity during fashion week. This one does not need to be real leather as the difference between the real and fake, pleather, is minimal and produces the same visual effect. Don’t go out and spend $90,000 on a Hermes leather shirt, not only is it ridiculous looking, but unless you plan to wear it for the rest of your life it’s probably a bad investment. Instead look for t-shirts with pleather on the shoulders, or solid lines down the shirt.



You do You

0-backpacks The staple of every college student. We all, well almost all of us, walk around with one to class. It has become “cool” to carry a backpack not only around campus, but around town. You just have to make sure it’s the right type. Solid natural colors are the way to go if you want to follow this trend. Personally I prefer messenger bags, but you do you.


From left: Patrik Ervell, Michael Kors, Mark McNairy

From left: Patrik Ervell, Michael Kors, Mark McNairy

Not everyone is a fan of this set of colors. Unless you plan on going hunting, camping, or are a member of the military, this is not something usually on your list. The colors are the inspiration for this trend, not the actual pattern. This is harder to match with your daily style, and anything you buy will ultimately become a “seasonal” piece with little value afterwards.



Bright Blue



Bright colors are not something associated with fall fashion, yet designers around the world incorporated shades of blue into their collections this year. While adding a pop of color is acceptable, especially when the color pallet for the day is gray, gray, and gray you might want to make sure you don’t go overboard, my friend.

Cuffed pants

The epitome of European fashion is the cuffed pant. This isn’t perceived well in the American market, ( and there will be more on this later), but you know what? Who cares? If you feel comfortable rolling up your jeans or pants go for it. Do you! this trend doesn’t force you to buy new clothes, just roll those jeans up and you are good to go.


Plaid comes up over and over in fashion; personally I believe the industry needs to come up with another go-to trend for when they run out of ideas. The difference this time is that everything should be plaid. From your coat and blazer, to your weekend bag and socks.

Feeling adventurous?


Chapman Brothers for Vuitton

Chapman Brothers for Vuitton

Designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton showcased silk suits for their Fall-Winter 2013-14 collections this past summer, yet I doubt this will catch on. Suits are expensive as is so I can’t imagine what a silk suit would cost. I guess it would make pajamas acceptable in the work place.




Valentino Cape

Valentino Cape

Unless its Halloween I am not sure about this one. Capes are not something that is usually found in a man’s closet, neither do we see men rocking them on the street, much less on their way to class. As winter comes nearer we might begin to see this more often and if we think about it as an oversized coat, then maybe. Don’t count this one completely out especially if you are the adventurous type.

What do you think? What trends are you planning on incorporating into your wardrobe? Ladies, which of these trends can you not wait to see and which one do you wish designers left as sketches?



Jonathan Dromgoole, Fashion Editor 

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