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Editors Picks: Women’s Fall Trends

In case you haven’t noticed, its getting cold outside, and let me be the first to tell you that it’s not going to be warming up anytime soon. As fall approaches, its time to put those shorts away ladies; shivering uncontrollably is not an impressive look for anyone! Here are some fall/winter fashion trends to keep your eyes out for next time you go shopping as well as some “you do you” choices and the more “questionable” trends.

The Must Haves


00140h_592x888This on again, off again style has come back into fashion for women this fall. From dresses to coats, plaid is in. Red and green are the typical colors for plaid, but this fall venture out of the “Christmas” colors and into the black, and even yellow. Feeling adventurous? Try picking a plaid pattern with contrasting colors.

Religious Motifs

00360h_592x888What is being referred to as the “Church and State” look could also be called modest. The basic concept here is about covering up, which is very appropriate for this time of year. A way to play with this concept is also having saints and other religious images on your clothing.

Knee-length skirt


Every girls needs more than one typical “business” skirt. This season, skirts of all colors have been seen on runways from Paris to New York. However, it is essential that you keep the length in mind when making your selection. If you are going for the more more professional length, the pattern is where you get to show your individuality. Want to have fun with it? Go with a fuller skirt; it doesn’t always have to be a pencil fit!

Rose is the new Black


Pink and its different shades have taken over as the predominant colors in the industry this fall. From coats to leggings and shoes, rosy shades are in to replace those grays, blacks, and dark colors of winter. You can choose from a pale ivory rose to a vibrant fuchsia. Be careful about the texture and material of the items. No pink leather; unnatural colored leather only works on Letterman jackets. Avoid fur and pink unless you plan to dress up as a flamingo for Halloween.

You do you

Oversized Coats


Okay so this one is on the cusp of daring and “questionable”. While fit is usually everything about a coat, in this case its not. Oversized coats are one of the essential pieces to have in your closest this winter. Many designers are creating these coats without sleeves, so don’t be surprised if you catch yourself in the “coat” section of the store and they appear to be more like long vests instead of coats. Maybe these designers planned for a warm winter?



Jumping off from the most recent Met Gala the “Punk” look has trickled down to almost every designer’s show for fall winter 2013/2014. Who knows what they had in mind when they all decided to make this a hit! In some cases it works, in many I just don’t see it happening. If you are going to go “punk”, which should really be called edgy, make sure you take risk like using leather and some spikes, but don’t do it halfway.



First it was jeans, then the suit. Women have been able to take many of designs originally only for men and transformed them into more suitable choices for a women’s body. Now it goes a little far when women’s wear begins to resemble a box more than an actual outfit. It gives of more of a “I’ve been crammed in the metro for my commute” than a fashionable choice.

Feeling adventurous?

Crazy Fur

slide07 (1)

Fur, much like plaid, is an on again, off again style. This season, designers may have taken it too far with their looks. Crazy colored fur, resembling either an exotic bird or a Muppet, isn’t what comes to mind when the words “fall fashion” are thrown around. If you are going to wear fur make sure its subtle and classic so you avoid the risk of looking like Cruella de Vil.

-Jonathan Dromgoole, Fashion Editor

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