Untamed Voices



I held you for a moment—
Fists clenched and knuckles white—
Hoping I could capture your spirit
Or the essence that made you the color of sunrise
But you slipped right past my fingertips
Specks of stardust clinging to my skin
When I pressed my hands to my face.

I breathed in aromas of fresh strawberries
As I nuzzled my head into your hip
I wanted to consume the uncanny rays of sunlight
Drifting among stray strands
Of your hair
Changing the color of your eyes to oceans
And thunderstorms
And spring
And new-born babies
And anguish.

All of it
I wanted to consume all of it—
To swallow it and make you whole again
To lace together your pale skin
With the flutter of my eyelashes in tune
With your heartbeat

But your paper heart slipped right past my fingertips
Leaving me with nothing but bloody hands
And lacerations
The color of freshly cut strawberries

-Jazmin Harling-Gray, Untamed Voices Editor

Image source: http://drrhea.com/2012/12/05/a-care-vs-scare-business-model/two-hands-holding-a-pink-paper-heart-1/


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