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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Midterms, midterms, midterms. It’s been a lot lately, hasn’t it? I bet many of you have started looking like the living dead, which, on the positive side, has prepared you well for zombie costumes this Halloween. However, if looking like a sleep-deprived monster isn’t your thing and you’re still struggling for creative inspiration, then you came to the right place. Halloween is a few days away, and with procrastination building up on many levels, I bet you all need a little help to stand out on this spook-tacular day!


Cats, bunnies, and any other furry mammal…yeah they’re cute, playful, and the easiest costumes out there. These costumes are obvious options, and hey, I’m not going to judge if you decide this is for you. I’m happy you are at least in the Halloween spirit! But I’m here to help you to be a little bit more creative.

Freudian Slip

Freudian Slip: Anyone who is familiar with basic psychology or has taken a psychology course hopefully knows what a Freudian slip is. First, you will need a dress, preferably of light colors and a bedtime/undergarment slip. To make this a Freudian slip, just add Freudian terms! Depending on how much you care about the slip, you can either write directly on it, or just attach sticky notes or tape with the words on them. Choose any Freudian words, for example: Oedipal Complex, Id, Super Ego, Anal Character, Penis Envy, and have fun with it.

Red Coat

Pretty Little Liars – Red Coat: Currently a top favorite TV show for many girls, Pretty Little Liars of course would inspire a Halloween costume. For this costume all you would need is a red winter or rain coat with a hood, black boots and legging/tights, and perhaps a blonde wig (if needed). Yep, simple as that.


Addams Family – Wednesday: Black is a must for this costume. Black dress (preferably long-sleeved), braided pigtails, black shoes (preferably Mary Janes or Creepers), and black tights. The only thing other color would be found in the white collar for your dress, but this can be made out of white printer paper if need be. This is all you will need to be this iconic, creepy little girl.

Just throwing it out there:

Nicki Minaj, Brittany Spears (shaven headed, “Oops I Did It Again,” etc.), Miley Cyrus, Destiny’s Child, Kim Possible, Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction)

Based on what you have:

Blue dress: Dorothy (The Wizard of Oz), Madeline (from the TV and movie), a sailor, Alice in Wonderland

Red dress: Jessica Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit), Little Red Riding Hood, Harlequin (from Batman), Minnie Mouse

Black dress: Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany’s), Coco Chanel, a witch, Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice(

Green dress: Tinkerbell, an elf, Mother Nature, Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)

Pink dress: Boo (Monsters, Inc.), Helga Pataki (Hey Arnold!),

Yellow dress: Jane Porter (Tarzan), a sunflower, a 50’s housewife

White dress: Mary Poppins, an angel


Again, starting with the basics and obvious—superheroes. Whether Marvel or DC Comics, you can always find easy ways to impersonate superheroes, or even villains. Plus, superhero merchandise can be found almost anywhere.


Fairly Oddparents – Timmy Turner: I hope childhood memories are emerging for you. Red T-shirt, red or pink cap, blue jeans, and you’re good. Maybe, if you want get a little more creative, get a purple notebook and write “Da Rules” on it.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin: A classic that I hope most people still remember. A suit, black dress shoes, a bowler hat (can be purchased at H&M), and a fake mustache are needed. Adding a cane would make the costume even better!

Steve Urkel: Suspenders, glasses, and high pants, heck yeah! Of course, this would be any nerd costume, but either way, at least you still have a costume!


If you’re going out with a friend, you could consider one of these:

Jay and Silent Bob

Jay and Silent Bob: Long coats, beanies, snapbacks, and an attitude. Long hair or wigs would be a plus (I recommend finding a girl who has an old Hannah Montana wig for Jay’s hair).

The Blues Brothers: Full suit and ties, sunglasses, fedoras, and harmonicas. This is also versatile with Men in Black, so either way, it works!

Fresh Prince and Carlton

The Fresh Prince and Carlton: 90’s bright, patterned clothes for the prince and collared shirts and sweater vests for Carlton. Simple as that.

Just throwing it out there:

50’s greaser, Freddy Kruger, Ash (Pokemon), Rocky Balboa, Karl Lagerfeld


One example of a group costume would be the LMFAO Party Rock Crew. Have bright colors, animal prints, and crazy hair, and you’ll be shuffling the night away.

You might think that Michael Jackson isn’t really unisex, but his outfits are so famous, yet basic, that really anyone can pull them off. For “Billie Jean,” wear a white glove, fedora, and black suit; for “Thriller,” wear a red jacket, black skinny jeans, and zombie paint (or without the paint you can do “Beat it”), for “Bad,” wear black, leather, black fingerless gloves, and have lots of buckles.

Based on what you have:

Striped clothing: Prisoner, Beetlejuice, pirate, bumble bee

Florals: Hippie, fairy

Overalls: Oompa Loompa, farmer, Despicable Me minion,

Plaid: punk, cowboys and cowgirls, lumberjacks

Hopefully this was helpful to all the readers out there!

Have fun and stay safe this Halloween!


 -Patricia Stupp, Fashion Staff Writer

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