Untamed Voices

In Ambulatione


[Changing leaves mingling in the shadows below the cliff
all perched on the riverbank
tree tops giving in to the pull of the wind
orange and red and crackled yellow (devoid of bountiful green)
falling one by one as their stems snap off branches.
I (shade my eyes—thumb brushing the edge of my upper lip
and) watch systematic chaos whilst lying supine to this
sundrenched mess]

There is light everywhere.

[unearthed from all of nothingness light and it’s everywhere—
passing through gaps of empty scenery—blinding me.
And this solitary life I’ve lived has ended in ruins
broken bricks smothered in orange and red and brown
(heavily saturated brown) all laid out.
And I am an illusion
trapped in the unending state of a faint heartbeat]


–Jazmin Harling-Gray, Untamed Voices Editor

Image source: http://wavemetaphor.blogspot.com


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