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Giving More This Thanksgiving

November is here, and soon enough we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, the holiday of appreciating and sharing the joys in our lives. This holiday allows us to reflect and promotes the care we receive and give to those who we find most dear in our lives. On a day where we focus mainly on those who are close to us, we should still remember that there are other people in this world who might be less fortunate and in need of our care. Therefore, I would like to introduce Sevenly.org.

SevenlySevenly is a simple, yet influential organization that sells clothing and other home goods to raise money for different charities each week. The unusual name of the company comes from its procedure of any good that is sold from the site, $7 of profit from one good will go to the charity of the week (again, seven days). For example, this week’s charity is Somaly Mam Foundation, a non-profit organization which rescues and rehabilitates young girls who have been victims of the Southeast Asian sex trade. Thus, $7 will go to this charity to aid in investigations and brothel raids, and also providing shelter, medical care, and psychological support to rescued victims.

Sevenly is fairly new; only being established since June of 2011. However, Sevenly has hosted numerous campaigns for a diverse array of charities, including the Humane Society, Mercy Ships, National Autism Association, Stand for the Silent, and All Girls Allowed, just to name a few. And so far, they have raised almost $3 million dollars of donations.

Sevenly 1Along with raising money for a good cause each week, Sevenly also responsibly produces its products. The apparel is all designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California, and Sevenly’s facilities are Worldwide Responsible Accreditation Production (WRAP) certified. This means that sweatshops are not used, work standards are healthy, and products are environmentally friendly. In addition, all the designers of the products are passionate about collective-positive change in the world, thus the designs that they create are inspiring and eye-catching. This includes shirts with quotes as simple as “Give Hope” to quotes from activists, like Mahatma Gandhi’s “be the change you hope to see in the world.”

Apparel on the website is made for all different shapes and sizes, for women, men, children, and sometimes even pets. The site also offers jewelry, accessories, and home décor as other options for purchase. Furthermore, each time a new charity is sponsored, new designs and merchandise are posted to fit the new theme. This gives customers many viable options to buy different products and support different charities each week.

Sevenly 5Nevertheless, if you cannot support Sevenly or the charity they’re promoting through a purchase, then you can always create awareness for the website through social media. Sevenly really encourages this by setting goals of Facebook shares and Pinterest pins each week, hoping to gain more fans and generate more insight in the charities that are available today.

All in all, Sevenly really is an easy way to find good quality clothing, while also giving to important causes in the world. And along with these benefits, you could also consider giving a Sevenly product to someone as a gift for the holiday season. Thus, you really will be killing three birds with one stone.

-Patricia Stupp, Fashion Staff Writer



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