Reventón Latino 2013: Día de Los Muertos

Latin Cultural Showcase Shows That Georgetown Students Can Really Knock ‘Em Dead

Established in 2006, Reventón Latino has proven that Latin dance style isn’t just for Latinos. Every year, Georgetown’s Latino student organizations get together to put on a showcase for the greater community. Its aim is to promote and demonstrate diversity on campus through a collection of eclectic performances that highlight the various genres of music and dance in Latin America.

This year’s Reventón Latino theme was Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), in commemoration of the Latin holiday that celebrates the dead and focuses on honoring family and friends who have passed away.


MCs for the night: Nehemiah Markos and Kimberly Blair

The big night was co-emceed by Kimberly Blair (COL ’15) and Nehemiah Markos (COL ’14), who proved that hosting an event could be a show in and of itself. Kimberly and Nehemiah demonstrated the spirit of collaboration by their interactions with one another, as Kimberly is of Dominican descent and Nehemiah is of Ethiopian heritage.They brought life to the show and helped the transition from one performance to the next move smoothly throughout the course of the event.


Ballet Folklόrico Mexicano de Georgetown

The showcase included performances by a wide array of groups; from drumming by the World Percussion Ensemble, to hip hop by Groove Theory as well as a solo vocal performance by student, Christian Flinn that got the crowd moving. The Georgetown Ballroom Dance Team, Ritmo y Sabor and Ballet Folklόrico Mexicano de Georgetown were also highlights of the night with their impressive moves and technique. The audience was taken on a journey across Latin America with lively performances of Merengue, Bachata, Salsa and Cumbia. As diverse as the show’s line-up was, so too were the attendees.

Ticket sales started about two weeks before the event, with a focus on the fundraising aspect. All of the proceeds went to Students Helping Honduras, an organization that funds the construction of elementary schools in under-served communities in Honduras. Their work primarily focuses on spreading awareness of the importance of education in developing countries as well as gathering resources to help communities in need, with a focus on helping children in Honduras specifically.

The planning of this event was a collaborative effort between student groups including the Latin American Student Association (LASA), Students of Color Alliance (SOCA), MEChA, GUSA, Interhall Council, Lambda Pi Chi Sorority Inc. and Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity Inc. They also had institutional support from the Spanish and Portuguese Department, Campus Ministry, Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP) and Professor McMorrow. However, one must also acknowledge the hard work of  the Reventόn Latino co-chairs Laura Aguilar (COL ’14) and Carolina Velarde (SFS ’14) as well as the entire board for creating a unique experience for all in attendance.

Overall the turnout for Reventón Latino was greater than ever, and there were nothing but splendid reviews of the dance repertoire that was displayed on the stage that night. This goes to show that the Georgetown community can really come together for a night of culture, not only to watch fellow students perform, but also to support a great cause.


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