Letter from the editor

4534518475_33ba67032a_zDefinition: to become different, something else

Constantly, we face change in our everyday life and even in those concrete plans, but change is not necessarily negative. It provides us with the ability to create something else, something different. It allows for the development of concepts through the implementation of new ideas. The Fire This Time, too, has embraced changed.

We now have a new staff full of intellectual and motivated writers and artists who are prepared to take on issues of race and the struggle of minorities. As the sole venue for multicultural expression and communication, The Fire provides many students, who may feel washed out by the stereotypes of Georgetown University, with an opportunity to express their true colors. From fashion to sports, and slant to music, The Fire showcases news that is both relevant and fresh.

The Fire This Time openly embraces change and hopes to create a dialogue and foster a positive change within the Georgetown community and outside of the Hilltop, connecting students of all races and socio-economic levels. I hope that your engagement with The Fire will ignite a fire within you and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone to create positive change.

Humbly yours,

Jonathan Dromgoole


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