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Beat The Winter Blues with Fashion

With freezing temperatures, Arctic winds, and little sun, it gets a little tough to be fashionable during the winter season. We all know the feeling of waking up, checking the frigid temperatures, and just wanting to curl up in a warm ball and do nothing. Unfortunately, life doesn’t allow this, so we move on, but usually we start giving the bare minimum of care to our looks. Yes, I can agree, being warm and comfortable is more important than appearances, especially when caring for your physical health. However, this lack of creativity seems to amplify the dullness of the winter season, which can really be a discouragement to your mental health. To combat the winter blues, I would like to propose the challenge of crazy fashion experimentation to liven up your days, while also keeping you toasty.

Cute AND warm? Who knew?!

Cute AND warm? Who knew?!

Experimentation of fashion can be done in many different ways. Trying out new fabrics, including velvet, corduroy or faux fur, can be one method. Coordinating your layers in different ways can be fun, like adding collared shirts or turtle-necks under sweaters, putting on summer shirts over long-sleeves, or wearing thick leggings under skirts or shorts. Also, wear crazy hats and colorful scarves to brighten up your look, since these are already basics of winter attire. These methods might not always be what are considered “in-fashion,” but in all honesty, having fun combinations of clothes that also keep you comfortable is better than impressing fashion die-hearts or being a sloth.

However, getting into this process can be difficult after weeks of routinely wearing jeans and sweaters every day. Therefore, I suggest first just taking a step back and examine your closet. What clothes have you not worn in a while and what clothes have you disregarded as “summer” clothes? These are good areas to start your search for new outfits. Even if a shirt seems too thin for winter-wear, remember that layering is always key to any warm outfit. Pair the shirt with something thick or even wear heavy cardigans. It is a good method to look through your “summer” clothes to find inspiration, since they tend to be of brighter colors and prints.

2After you discover some new clothing options, you can move on to shopping and “borrowing.” With experimentation of new outfit choices, there comes much risk with buying new clothes. So before heading off to any name brand stores, I would say go to thrift stores, second-hand shops, or sale racks for some foundation. These store options give you the opportunity to purchase many clothes for cheap prices to refresh your closet. I personally love thrift stores since I can spend less than $10, purchase multiple pieces of the most outlandish styles, and never regret them because of how inexpensive they were. And with “borrowing,” I mean more like going through your parents closets and taking clothes that they never wear anymore (with permission, of course). We all know that our parents are cool (or at least used to be, right?). Their older pieces of clothing could be seen as vintage or retro, but this makes the experimentation even more fun!

3Then, moving away from the larger pieces of clothing, the next step would be to look for accessories in any stores. Try your hand at finding hats with personalities, like ones with animals or words on them. Purchase scarves and mittens with vivid colors or eye-catching patterns. If there is ever a day where your clothes are lacking expression, just turn to these simple pieces for help.

Finally, the biggest step to winter experimentation would be to get adventurous in your footwear and outerwear. I would say that this is a bit riskier since these articles of clothing tend to be more expensive and will function as more of an investment to your wardrobe. But if you rather live on the edge, buy a coat that has different patterns, like plaid or stripes. Get boots with heels that come in uncommon colors. Make sure that, before purchasing, you have outfits that will correlate with these pieces; and if it works out, these new additions of big accents to your everyday attire can really make you stand out and look fabulous!4

So all in all, please have fun with your fashion. Winter blues does not necessarily mean that your style has to suffer. Be creative, bold, and enjoy yourself!

-Patricia Stupp, Fashion Writer

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