Jane Hoya 2.0

There is nothing wrong with blending in, but since when has there been something wrong with standing out? In the brief time that I have been at Georgetown, I have noticed some pretty standard trends. One seems to be the warm and versatile puffy vest. While I do not see the appeal of wearing a jacket without sleeves, many Jane Hoyas find this look both warm and cute. Although, I am all for warm this winter, I would choose to do it with a little more “oomf”. How can you add some “oomf” you say? Upgrade the plain vest to a fun, loud printed cardigan. With this quick clothing swap you are gaining sleeves and fun, it is the best two-for-one you could ask for! Our very own Forever 21 (located conveniently at Union Station and Pentagon Mall) has the perfect winter cardigan to spice up your wardrobe.22


Now, the next trend is the plain shirt underneath the deceptively warm puffy vest. I think many people are afraid that certain patterns will clash when they are put together, so they stick with what is safe: plain, solid colors. To venture out of this realm of solidarity to a land of crazy patterns and funky colors is okay, even if we make some fashion faux pas along the way. You just have to be willing to be daring and not afraid to be wrong.

44The moral of the story is, don’t be afraid to stand out. Georgetown is one of the most selective universities in the country, if they wanted us to all look the same they would not strive to recruit students from every corner of the globe. Express your individuality not only with your thoughts and actions, but with your style! In the great words of Chanel COO John Galantic: “Fashion fades, but style is forever.”

Bold choice for colors and patterns..but it works!

Bold choice for colors and patterns..but it works!

Be Bold. Be Daring.

-Jordan Smith, Fashion Editor







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