What is Fashion and Where Can I Get Some?

Well, here we are again. Last week’s posts were wonderful (if I do say so myself) on how to step up your winter fashion which is always great. Both of the articles made me think, what is fashion? What does it mean to be fashionable? Are fashion and style synonymous? So, I am deciding to start from the beginning and try to find some answers to these questions.

A casual going out outfit? I think so.

A casual going out outfit? I think so.

Growing up I would see these outrageous models walking the runways in one-of-a-kind clothing that I had never thought normal people would wear. The outfits the models wore seemed so strange and obtuse that no normal person could ever wear them and that eccentricity is what made them fashion. This exclusiveness is what I deemed to be fashion and therefore something I could never attain.

Of course, I knew I could not pull off, let alone afford the outrageous outfits that graced the runways, so I traipsed through middle school with the notorious fashion sense of a Disney Channel character in the early 2000s. 3After surviving the days that many have tried to burn from their minds, (aka middle school), I entered high school and then fashion seemed to be more and more important. People didn’t talk to the kids that wore high socks and sandals, but the girls with cute skirts and sandals were the epitome of fashion and style. A result of wanting to fit in, I acquired the same skirt and sandals, hoping that I would suddenly gain some fashion and popularity. Both thoughts were a bust. I was forcing myself into this mold that I didn’t truly like. I was a jeans, shirt, and cute jacket girl trying to be a frilly skirt and tank top girl and that was just not working.hate you gif

Like the cheesy happy ending of a made for TV movie, I stopped trying to be something I was not and became a lot happier. Figuring out what I did not like fashion was made it easier to figure out what I do like. While I am all for looking to others for fashion inspiration, you have to look internally for style inspiration. Fashion is arbitrary, but your style, how you choose to show the world who you are, is what is most important.

Be Bold. Be Daring.

-Jordan Smith, Fashion Editor



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