Leggings as Pants: Friend or Foe?

Here we are in the crux between winter and pretend spring. It snows every other day and the sun only likes to come out on the weekends, but that does not stop the occasional shorts and sandals from appearing. Before spring completely takes over, lets talk about a winter favorite. Leggings as pants. As soon as you read those words you probably had one of two reactions. You either rolled your eyes at the phrase-dance moms

or looked down to examine your own leggings as pants. Now, one reaction is not better than the other, but lets delve into the evolution of leggings as pants.


It’s a bit difficult to pinpoint when the fashion trend started, but I can remember it going back to early high school days. Seeing the daring girls wearing shorts that didn’t quite cover everything and wondering where they got the kahunas to walk out of the house like that. Then, around senior year leggings as pants expanded to every teenage girl in the nation. I couldn’t walk the halls without seeing at least 30 girls wearing leggings as pants (even if plainly stated in the dress code to be prohibited). So much controversy arose over these insignificant, black pieces of nylon and spandex. Boys seemed to love them…well…I think we all know why boys loved them. The administration hated them because they were too provocative and sometimes see through. Many girls just wore them because other girls were wearing them and they wanted to fit in.

Now, coming to Georgetown, leggings as pants seem to be sweeping the nation. Pairing them up with cute boots and a sweater, using them to exercise at Yates, or throwing on an oversized Georgetown shirt and running to Leo’s seem to be prime examples of how to rock the leggings as pants. I am the first to endorse leggings as pants, of course used responsibly, while others quickly throw down the hammer of shame. I say more power to the girls who can rock the look. Much like beauty, fashion is in the eye of the beholder. As long as leggings are used responsibly, I think they will be a trend here to stay.

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Jordan Smith 

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